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Term 2 : 29th April 2024 – 5th July 2024

AURAKI – English Immersion


We have a reception class where students are able to take the time they need to adjust to life at ‘big’ school. Starting school is such an important milestone for not only students but their families also. We believe having a reception class sets our 5 year olds up for success. In our reception class, students establish positive learning habits, acquire important early literacy and numeracy skills and learn social and emotional skills that will help them as they continue on their learning pathway at Birkdale.

Literacy | Te Reo Matatini

Being able to communicate through multiple literacies and in a variety of different ways is important for all students in school and beyond. Y0-3 are provided with a strong foundation in literacy through structured literacy (BSLA). They are taught systematically the ’code’ of reading and writing as well as the joy that can be found in storytelling and language. As students get older, they continue to extend their learning and apply their literacy skills to other areas of study.

Maths | Pāngarau

Maths is a balance of knowledge and skills. We believe both are needed to create numerate, flexible mathematicians. Students apply knowledge to authentic problem solving to build their mathematical understandings.

PE/Health | Hauora

Students experience a wide range of sports and learn the fundamental skills required to participate in them. For health, we spend time unpacking important social and emotional issues through ‘Wellbeing circles’. This allows students to explore the complexities of social interaction and emotional regulation – both of which are needed to be successful learners.

Te Reo me Tīkanga Māori

We believe being bicultural means walking the talk. All of our teachers have learnt, or are learning, Te Reo Māori and demonstrate a strong commitment to giving effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We believe it is all our responsibility to ensure Te Reo Māori is strengthened. We observe common tikanga across the school and all students at Birkdale, whether in rumaki or auraki, start the day with morning karakia, waiata and paepae. Auraki students are also involved in weekly sessions, Wā waiata: Y0-3, or Mātauranga Māori: Y4-6 and have short Te Reo Māori daily sessions. Some classes are already funded at Level 4B (minimum of 3hrs te reo māori instruction a week) with the goal for all mainstream classes to be Level 4B by mid 2024.

Integrated Studies | Kaupapa Ako

Science, Social Sciences, The Arts and Technology are taught on a cyclical basis. Over 3 years, students will study each area in depth for 5 terms. The cycles are designed so that coverage is guaranteed, deep and revisited over the 6 years a child learns with us. Children in Ngā kākano, our junior team, will often learn this knowledge and explore ideas and concepts in these learning areas through the pedagogy of learning through play. Part of the week is dedicated to this type of discovery learning.

Performing Arts | Te Toi

Often overlooked or taught at a superficial level due to its specialised nature, we have decided to use specialist teachers to cover teacher release. During Performing arts students explore the art of dance, drama and music.