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Reminder:   School finishes on Wednesday 20th December 2023 at 1.00pm.   School will restart on 7th February 2024.

Our School

Birkdale Primary School is a culturally diverse, decile 5, contributing school (Year 1 to 6) on Auckland’s North Shore. There are 12 classrooms, and a library-information centre, hall, swimming pool, an administration block as well as resource rooms and several small multi-purpose rooms. Te Puawaitanga, our Maori immersion unit occupies 3 classrooms on the Salisbury Road boundary. Established in 1986, Te Puawaitanga takes graduates of the local kohanga reo and students wanting to be educated in te reo me tikanga Maori.

Situated on the corner of Salisbury and Birkdale Roads on an attractive north-facing site Birkdale Primary is the oldest school in the Birkenhead area having been established in 1894 when the area was Auckland’s market garden. Strawberries were the principal fruit grown in the area and the leaves of the strawberry plant feature in the school’s logo.

Locals of the area valued education and saw it as the way to the future for their children. Early records show the fight they had with the Auckland Education Board to establish a school on its present site one hundred and thirteen years ago. Over the years the site has grown and the original classrooms were replaced with more modern classrooms in the 1960’s and 70’s. Durham Hall, named for a long serving Board member, was developed from a 1940’s “sunshine” classroom and is the oldest building on site. It is now protected under an historical protection order put on it by the North Shore City Council. This is one of the challenges facing the school going forward.

Now, as then, education is seen as the way to the future. Birkdale Primary is focused on preparing students for tomorrow’s world. We are focused on building a school curriculum based on the key competencies with particular emphasis on thinking and literacy and numeracy. We recognise the importance of the new ICT technologies in supporting teaching and learning . We are also very aware of the fact that learning also takes place beyond the classroom and in a wide range of situations. Because of this we place strong emphasis on EOTC ( Education outside the Classroom), and a wide range of sports and cultural activities.