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Term 2 : 29th April 2024 – 5th July 2024

RUMAKI – Māori Immersion


For any expressions of interest in enrolling in Rumaki / Te Puāwaitanga please complete the form by clicking on link below.

Each year we have a limited number of places we can accept. If you would like to enrol your child into Rumaki at any time during 2024 please fill in the below expression of interest below. If we receive more interest than we have places for, we will use the selection priorities below:

1. Student fluent + lives with a fluent reo speaker + 2 years at Kōhanga

2. Student fluent + lives with a fluent reo speaker

3. Lives with fluent reo speaker + less than 2 years in kōhanga

4. Living with an Adult learning te reo who will support them for 6 years.

Level of reo determines selection not siblings and/or connections to Te Puāwaitanga.

Rumaki enrolment expressions of interest 2024


Our rumaki classes are called ‘Te Puāwaitanga’.

It is unique on Auckland’s North Shore as one of the very few Level One Māori immersion units where te reo is spoken 100% in the first four years and 80% in Years 5-6. In Years 5-6 20% English is taught and spoken.

Te Puāwaitanga has composite classrooms (due to roll size).

Tamariki may enrol from the age of five years and may start with little or no te reo, however, to enrol from Year 1 onwards the tamaiti must have a good level of te reo to be able to keep up with learning in an immersion setting. There is an expectation that students are immersed as much as possible in the Māori language at home.  An interview with our Tumuaki and Senior Kaiako prior to acceptance into Te Puāwaitanga will take place.   See “Enrolment Criteria – Rumaki Pathway” link above for further information.

Being immersed in their Māori world is of extreme importance to our whānau and their tamariki; therefore new tamariki to our school will be welcomed through a pōwhiri or a whakatau.   

Whānau are active and meet each term to support the direction of Te Puāwaitanga. Every second year, the entire unit head off on their week-long haerenga staying on whānau marae, learning the history of their iwi and their kaupapa. It is expected that, where possible, whānau attend and support their tamariki throughout the amazing experience.

Our curriculum framework is Te Marautanga o Aotearoa,