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The reasons for setting homework for students are that they can:
• Practise organising their time between work and play
• Share what they are presently doing at school with parents
• Practise skills – “over-learning” things like spelling and basic maths facts
• Build ‘reading mileage’ – children reading: parents reading to and with children
• Carry on with activities begun at school.

However more important than set homework are the interactions between parents and their children at home. The most important of these is the “talk” that happens between parents and their children. Good, rich discussions about things of interest to children are the most important activity that parents and children can engage in. Time spent asking questions and seeking answers and, sometimes saying, “I don’t know the answer to that question. We’ll have to look for an answer.” is very important. Letting children see that all of us have to “find out” when we don’t know!

As well as talk, reading to and with children is a very important part of building reading skills. Children who see their parents enjoying and participating in reading activities pick up very important messages about the importance placed on reading as well as learning reading skills at the same time.

Senior Teachers at each school level have produced guidelines for homework for children at the various levels of schooling:

Junior School
Children in the Junior School Learning Team will usually bring home a reading book on Monday to Thursday and their poetry book on Friday. However, if they do not bring their book bag to school they will not be able to take a reading book home as our readers are easily lost or damaged without a book bag.
Early reading is a significant time in developing skills for future learning and we cannot stress the importance of reading with or to your children enough. We as teachers recognise the importance of home school partnership in enhancing children’s progress, especially in their early years.

Senior School Homework-Homelink

Our programme is designed to alleviate some of the common pressures of homework, namely that we do not expect parents to teach children any schoolwork, finishing off activities from school are completed saving time in class and we try to make provision for children who
are busy in the afternoons with sport and other extra activities. The programme is also devised to provide for a variety of learning styles as well as allowing children decision-making opportunities in their work. Homework activities are designed to link home and school
learning opportunities in the most practical way. Reading, spelling and basic facts are still expected to be practised four times a week.