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Staff Organization
This year the team will consist of the following staff:
Ms Sarah Nankivell in Tanekaha
Mrs Kathryn Woodman in Rimu
Ms Isabel Blundell in Mahoe ( Te Puawaitanga)
Mr Peter Cooley in Kahikatea (Team Leader)
On Fridays Mr Cooley has senior staff release time and a relief teacher will take the class.  Mr Tasker will be filling this role.
We encourage communication between staff and parents at all times and we will endeavour to have an open door policy as far as practically possible. We see ourselves as partners with parents with a common goal to develop the potential of all of the children, and so we ask that you share any relevant information with us and we will keep you fully informed at all times of developments at school.
We look forward to your support this year.
Activities this Term
Our curricular activities for this term will include the Literacy programme, numeracy and an inquiry dealing with “Change”. This will include the Treaty of Waitangi and the principles of the “Kia kaha” programme. Our inquiry will include looking at things about ourselves as well as the people around us, how things have changed and the changes we experience ourselves. We will be focusing on the nature of agreements, class based agreements and the history of the treaty, getting to know our strengths and goal setting for the year.
Swimming will take place culminating later in the term with us having a school swimming sports and the inter-school event. Swimming has been delayed due to repairs to the pool.
We would like to remind you that swimming is part of our curriculum and all children are expected to participate. Please ensure that your child brings suitable swimwear every day or a note if there is a reason they cannot swim.
Children are continually being assessed, but formal assessment will start in week 4 with spelling assessment, Star reading assessment will be conducted in week 5, in week 6 the PAT tests will be administered and finally in week 7 the children will complete their Information Skills assessments. Other assessment will be presented in the Learning Journal, with ongoing assessments taking place in class.
Our home work will consist of the following:
-daily reading for 10 to 15 minutes each day (Mon. to Thurs.) This could be varied in many ways to include reading to you, the child recounting the passage, asking comprehension questions, reading a variety of reading matter (News papers, books, magazines etc).
- learning basic facts, practicing these (could be written in homework books).
- spelling and the related exercises.
- other specific tasks as given by the class teachers.
- Homelink activities.
- IXL maths online (15 min per day x4)
We ask parents to ensure that homework is not an unpleasant experience but a way of developing independence and responsibility in the children. We also expect children to complete homework, not parents. There is an explanation sheet pasted in to the front of the homework book explaining homework requirements. Please sign your child’s homework and spelling notebook each week.
Our year six students will be attending Waterwise this term. The year five children will do Waterwise in term 4. This is part of our school programme and all children are expected to take part. Children do not need any prior experience for this since we teach them a number of skills which include kayaking, sailing and general water safety.
We do ask for parent help on Waterwise days since we need adults to help supervise the children to maintain safe adult to children ratios. You do not need any experience in these areas in order to help, qualified instructors do all of the instruction, while parent helpers primarily observe and help the children to ensure that they are safe.
We are asking for parents to please offer their help on the days that we do Waterwise. The dates are as follows:
8   March – Rimu & Mahoe
9   March – Rimu & Mahoe
22 March – Kahi & Tane
23 March – Kahi & Tane
Camp and EOTC
Our year six children will be going on camp to Hunua Falls in the last week of this term
(29 March- 1 April).  At the same time the year 5 children will remain at school and an outdoor programme will be conducted in and around school and the immediate environs. We will also need parent help for these activities, information will be sent out shortly with details.
We would also like to ask for your support with the fund raising programme during this term, the more money we can raise, the easier it becomes for parents to afford the cost of these valuable experiences for the children. Details with regard to this have been sent out.
Meet the Teacher
This will take place on 17 February at 7 pm. All parents are invited to come along to meet your child’s teacher and to make yourself known.
We would like to remind you that children have to have sun hats this term. If they don’t have hats at school, children will have to remain in shaded areas during morning tea and lunch times.
We would like parents to also be aware of what your children are having for lunch at school. This term’s emphasis will be on healthy practices and we will insist on healthy food for lunches. Please make sure that no fizzy drinks are brought to school, we would prefer drink bottles with only water to be consumed on school grounds.
Lastly, we ask parents to please make sure that everything your child brings to school is clearly marked with their name, this includes clothing as well as stationery. It makes things so much easier to return lost property when everything is named and marked so as to avoid any confusion.
Please don’t hesitate to contact any of the team should you need any further information or help.
Peter Cooley (Team Leader)
Sarah Nankivell
Kathryn Woodman
Isabel Blundell