Announcement : 

Last day of term – 16th December 2022,  1.00pm finish.

URGENT: Important information.

Kia ora e nga whānau

This notice is to update you on some news I received recently; it might also explain my lack of visibility at school also.
Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. While it was shocking to find out, my prognosis is hopeful; with treatments, they believe it’s curable. I was scheduled for surgery later in the term however, this was moved forward unexpectedly to tomorrow morning.

The plan was to inform you all before a weekend so you’d have time to discuss this information in an age appropriate, sensitive manner with your child/ren. It would be good if you could discuss this with your child in the morning in a hopeful, positive way, before they come to school. I wouldn’t want them to find out incidentally at school in the playground, and be misinformed. Feel free to share what you need to with them – tomorrow, staff will have a short discussion with their classes, to ensure that accurate, positive information is being shared and communicated. Not being back, for probably the rest of the year, will generate some questions from students. If this news is triggering for your whānau and/or child/ren due to personal experience, please inform their teacher first thing in the morning so they can be mindful of their situation.

While I’m disappointed to be missing a few firsts at the school (school gala, prizegiving), I know the school is in good care, especially with such a supportive community. Laurie O’Conner will be Acting Principal while I’m on sick leave. He will be supported by the Board of Trustees and other leadership within the school. The plans for end of year, classes etc. are well on their way, so it’s business as usual until the last day.

Apologies for such short notice, things have been moving swiftly and I’ve had a few things to organise at home.
I look forward to seeing you all in the new year – Ka kite!

Ngā mihi nui,
Whaea Natasha